It’s been proven by science that a creative environment actually improves productivity!

Creative office environments are becoming increasingly popular with results showing that an employees productivity and well being increases in an environment which boosts the mood.

Rather than having the standard white walls, many work spaces these days are looking to create an imaginative playground to work in for a more effective team. Think about it, where would you rather work? Office A – A place with drab white walls getting through your day like clock work, feeling disengaged and doing the regular thing waiting for the day to end. Or Office B – A place that stimulates the mind and increases imagination, somewhere you can let your mind flow and work in a forward thinking abode, a place where you look forward to coming in every day.

In an environment where you are surrounded by creativity it triggers your mind to think in a more problem solving and creative manner which in turn enhances productivity and morale. Increased morale benefits you as an individual with your well-being but it also benefits you as a co-worker. When you are feeling in a happier state it reflects in what you do and how you work and communicate.

Wall prints and creative wall coverings are a great way to go about this and liven up any office. Wall prints can be created for a certain environment or to create a particular feel and can range from a full vinyl wall print covering to more cut vinyl and minimal graphics such as inspirational quotes. It is always good to create a wall print which reflects the values of the company in whichever way seems suitable.

Key benefits of a creative work environment:

    Creative work spaces inspire and engage employees and staff members

    Imagination and creativity increase in a creative space resulting in higher quality work

    Mood increases in an environment that displays positivity and creativity

    Connect employees with your culture to achieve your goals

    Promote initiatives and build connections with employees

It’s Not Just Workplaces That Benefit

Creative wall coverings are not only beneficial in a working environment. The likes of hospitals and schools are creating environments to suit their needs. Schools require engaging and positive wall coverings to enhance their pupils minds while hospitals have different rooms which require different results. For example the pediatric unit will require a more calming and relaxing atmosphere aimed towards younger minds to ease the patients worries while a high-dependency unit would require a calming but more warm and inviting environment.

With experience in the industry here at Now Group we can help you achieve a creative interior to best reflect your business and increase team morale.