Roadside Advertising – Advertising That Never Sleeps

When businesses start advertising normally the usual routes are taken such as flyers, websites and printed adverts. What is sometimes forgotten about is roadside advertising, with some companies unaware of the potential impact a roadside advert will have on their business. In terms of print, effectiveness and awareness roadside advertising is arguably the most cost effective form of advertising.

This is highlighted by the fact that outdoor advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week.

With hundreds of thousands of vehicles on our roads every day, outdoor advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote your services and get noticed. The use of outdoor media has grown rapidly in relation with the amount of everyday traffic on our roads and in our streets.

By taking advantage you can ensure your advert is seen every day by consumers, through passing traffic and footfall.

Benefits of roadside advertising:

    Visible close up and from far away roadside advertising captures potential trade in seconds with high impact graphics

    You never know who’s is passing your advert, your next big job could be closer than you think!

    There is no switching off from outdoor advertising, it is on display 24/7 for everyone to see

When roadside advertising is mentioned what springs to mind is most likely billboard advertising, either static or digital. These are the most common form of advertising, a permanent and static display on show 24 hours a day 7 days a week. However billboard advertising is just one dimension of roadside advertising.

Types of roadside advertising:

    High impact and cost effective, get your message delivered straight to your target audience

    High impact and cost effective driven advertising, specific routes designed to maximise coverage of the surrounding areas

    Mass audience advertising up and down the country with full coverage or rear only campaigns

    Concept to delivery, innovative solutions for promotional tours, event solutions and premium street style catering

Now Group specialise in high impact graphic solutions and can work with you to promote your services in the most effective way, with a variety of advertising opportunities on offer.