Racing in the World Endurance Championships at the age of 21 Stefan Hill claimed a World cup title and podiums (1 win). Racing for Yamaha Stefan Hill showed everybody what he can do and he certainly impressed people.

Now Group sponsored Stefan Hill by giving him a website and logo and completing all design and presentation. In return for this Stefan had the Now Group logo printed on his motorbike.

The Stefan Hill website is a portfolio website which helps to show off Stefan and his skills. This website included lots of design skills and presentation skills to get it to fit in with the motorbike theme. Now Group used a font to fit with the theme to emphasize on the speed Stefan uses when racing and the use of the colours included on the website also fit in with the theme and help to get Stefan recognised.

Designing the logo was great fun as it was motorbike and racing related which meant playing around with colours and fonts.  The presentation and design for this was really fun to complete as the colours and the fonts were extremely lively fit well with the motorbike racing theme.