Now Group have recently completed a project in sponsorship of Adrenaline Sporting Events. As this project was a sponsor Now Group supplied a range of products and services for this event.

We did all the branding for Adrenaline Sporting Events, to do so we created 5 logos along with the company logo for the upcoming and past events (Oswestry 10k run, midnight ride, Welshpool 10k run, race the rook, nippers and rippers)

This website was one service Now Group donated as a sponsor. The website we provided was a brochure website which included a countdown leading up to Oswestry 10k, it also contained all sponsors and both future and past events organised by Adrenaline Sporting Events.

We provided the gantry to Adrenaline Sporting Events for them to use as the start and finish line for the event along with this we made finishing and starting tape to go on top, Now Group built and dismantled the gantry too. As well as the gantry Now Group hired out a PA system which they also set up to for Adrenaline Sporting Events to use on the day of their event.

Along with the banners advertising Oswestry 10k we also created sponsor banners for all the different sponsors which were placed by the finish/start line. There were 16 sponsors who had banners printed and displayed at the even in Oswestry town centre.

As well as the banners Adrenaline Sporting Events also had roll ups which were designed to fit the new brand, along with the business cards which they also had designed by Now Group for their company helping to advertise all the events that they hold. The final product they had was printed t-shirts and hoodies which included the Adrenaline Sporting Events logo.