What is WordPress?

WordPress CMS is the No.1 used CMS (Content Management System) globally for creating websites. With thousands of plugins available for integration, it allows for reduced development costs and time frames. It is the perfect platform for creating all types of websites, ranging from a simple holding page for promoting key services, to a full e-commerce website for pushing online sales.

Many web designers and developers tend to use WordPress as it is accessible via the internet, meaning you do not need to install anything on to your device. Because of this, it means WordPress is near enough accessible at all times, therefore changes and updates to websites can be completed whenever from wherever convenient.

One major feature of WordPress that draws most people in to use it is the purchasing of added features and plugins. This CMS is extremely popular because it meets the demand of users and is highly customisable. WordPress is also extremely flexible, allowing designers and developers to modify layouts and functionality to design stunning, effective websites, keeping up with the current trends. WordPress also allows you to host your website anywhere you like; you’re not limited to hosting with them.

Tutorials for WordPress are accessible for everyone and these are free of charge. There are even courses created for those who want to improve their knowledge and skills on WordPress too, these are available to find on Google, along with a variety of videos and tutorials demonstrating the endless possibilities you can create with your website.

Along with these tutorials there are also support pages available on the WordPress website. These can be extremely useful for those who only need short and simple questions answering from their ‘Frequently asked questions’ column, instead of having to complete a full course or watch endless videos trying to find one answer. 

Our web design team have years of accumulated experience in building high quality websites using WordPress. It is our go-to CMS for creating mobile friendly, modern, creative and branded websites.