How long does a vehicle wrap last?

A vehicle wrap that has been installed by professionals, using quality materials, under normal conditions should last for around 5 years, so long as it has been properly maintained for that period. The quality of the wrap is an important factor in how well the vehicle wrap lasts, and that is where you will notice the difference between going to a specialist versus going with a cheaper option.

There are certain factors that can have an impact on how long the wrap lasts, such as sun exposure and the frequency and carefulness when washing the vehicle. A wrap on a vehicle that is out on the road everyday in the sun will not last as long as a wrap that experiences lighter usage and is kept out of sunlight.

If the vehicle begins to show signs of wear or even if it needs a design update, you should take the vehicle to a professional to remove and replace without damaging the paint of your vehicle. We do not recommend you attempt to do this yourself.

Proper care and maintenance for your vehicle wrap is the best way to extend its life expectancy. For more information about vehicle wrap aftercare, read our article: How to Care for a Vehicle Wrap

Our guide to making your vehicle wrap last longer:

  • Reduce the danger of sun damage by keeping your vehicle parked in a spot out of direct sunlight, such as in a garage or under a tree. This only takes minimal effort but can have a huge impact on the lifespan of the wrap.
  • Ensure the wrap is undertaken by a professional installer who has extensive experience in vehicle wrapping. A good way of determining if they are suitable is to look at their examples of work, along with customer reviews. You want to rest assured that the wrap is installed correctly with all necessary steps taken.
  • During the wrap washing process, use delicate methods to avoid damaging the vinyl. Non abrasive sponges are recommended, and we do not recommend pressure washing the vehicle.