Logo & Branding Design

Logo & Branding Design

Creating a logo is the first step in developing a strong brand which generates a positive and personal perception of your business. It’s an instant visual signifier that can spread brand awareness and interaction. A logo can be both complex and simple – differing between purposes of use and placements. We help clients build logos that represent them and turn those into cohesive brands that help tell a story; building logos around typographical elements, icons and shapes that result in visually pleasing idents. From conceptual moodboards to final brand guidelines, we work with our clients each step of the way to bring their business to life.

What can logos be beneficial for?

At Now Group we specialise in logo design. We have a range of packages available, from simple solo logos to fully fledged branding assets with guidelines.

Startup Businesses

Solo Logo

Ident/Icon Assets

Colour Palettes

Brand Guidelines

Do’s & Don’ts

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

Visual Research

Conceptual Ideas

Client Collaboration

Logo Variations

Research Moodboards

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Before actually designing a logo, we spend time getting information from our clients to get an understanding of what they’re after – from fonts to graphic icons. Getting the visual look right from the get go is important to start on the right foot.

Ideas & Concepts

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After getting the right feel for the client’s business, our ideas begin as exploration of different visual components to merge together. Starting with a range of ideas to narrow down on.

Solo Logo Design

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Some clients may only need a simple logo design to feature on branded accessories. For this, we take the same approach as mentioned, just with a much more pinpointed task.

Tailored Colour Palette

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Developing a strong colour palette is a key piece of a successful logo & brand. We work to create a colour scheme that best represents the feel and tone of the business.

Brand Patterns & Icons

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Aside from logos, a crucial element of a whole brand is the bespoke patterns and shapes that work with them. Whether they’re detailed illustrative elements or subtle shapes, we provide assets to accentuate as sorts of business elements.

Brand Guidelines

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A badly used logo is quite redundant – that’s why we can provide brand packages that include brand guidelines. This is a document that ensures all logos, colours and assets are used in the best, visually correct way. This will then help with any other external companies a business should chose to work with in the future – giving them a guide on how to best showcase the brand.

Choose your package

From singular logo designs to full branding & guideline packages, our clients have total control over the depth they would like to go to in regards to their branding. Get in touch if you’d like to refresh your brand or need a totally new logo. We cater to all project demands!

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Some of the companies and brands we have produced work for:


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