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Lift Wraps for Offices, Shopping Centres & factories

Specialising in office branding and creating spaces, we have found a more obscure way of adding great visual value to a building is through a lift wrap. Lifts generally tend to be a dead space when looking at internal branding, but with all of our projects, we consider every aspect of uplifting a space. Whether it’s for aesthetic or informative purposes, a lift wrap can totally transform the user experience of a building – especially when it comes to entrances and exits.

Using elements from custom printed vinyl wrap to artificial, textural & lighting elements, we can create a full package concept to installation service which will transform your space for the better.

Why are lift wraps beneficial for offices, schools & factories?

For offices that hold frequent meetings with external guests, an impactful experience from arrival to exit can form positive associations which benefits business relationships. A lack of internal branding makes for a less impressionable experience in comparison to a company whose office is fully branded. The same applies to most industries that rely on building clientele, creating a valuable customer experiences or generally adding value – whether that be offices, schools, colleges, universities, factories, museums, shopping centres, and much more.

In the short, passive time a person spends in a lift, we can change the journey to a much more informative, visually engaging step in moving through a building. Our creative team can work to achieve a solution that makes all the difference through vinyl lift wraps.

Vinyl Wrap

internal vinyl lift wrap in office reception

A highly customisable go-to for lift branding is internal and external vinyl wraps. You can achieve almost anything with a design suited for a specific purpose – creating a consistent brand, informing guests, or just giving people something cool to look at while waiting.

Artificial Greenery

office branding services using artificial greenery

We know live greenery walls are hard to upkeep, not to mention expensive – that’s why we offer artificial greenery as a way to include that natural element that makes a space feel refreshing without the hassle of keeping it alive.

Architectural Wrap

marble effect architectural wrap for lifts in offices and schools

Bring in realistic texture with an alternative to otherwise expensive surfaces. Architectural wrap comes in a range of effects to achieve looks like wood, concrete, metallic, marble and much more.

Lift Wraps in Shropshire, Wrexham & the North West

Our workshop location allows us direct routes to several key service areas of ours

Custom Lift Wrap

Whatever the size or intricacy of your lift(s), our team will work to the best solution to bring life to your building. From initial quote to concept to fitting, we take your requirements and turn them into a quality result. Get in touch with your enquiries and we will work to bring the best out of your space.

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