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Proats Branding & Packaging Design

Full logo branding and packaging design for the new Proats Flapjacks by Fission Nutrition.

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PROATS Flapjack

Fission Nutrition’s Proats-flapjack are a high in protein bar which is big on flavour and natural taste, leaving your satisfied with every bite. These British manufactured protein snack are Gluten and wheat free and very low in saturated fat. Whether you’re hitting the gym, going outdoors on an adventure or lead a busy active lifestyle then you can’t go wrong by fuelling yourself with this wholesome protein flapjack.

The Project

This project becan when one of our existing customers, Fission Nutrition, approached us with his new business venture; Proats. Proats was to be a protein filled flapjack, which needed branding and packaging design. Our client asked us if we would be able to help him out with this, which led to the design of their original branding as ‘Proats’ entered into the market.

Now Group assisted with the logo branding, of which a few initial ideas were put forward. Once a style was established, we then moved on to design the packaging for the bars. Following on from the logo branding, we kept the style consistent throughout the both flavours of flapjack (Toffee Choc & Raisin and Double Choc Nut), for both the bar and the box design (which holds the flapjacks on shelves).

During this project, we also worked with qualified technical, operational and marketing experts, with a sound knowledge of customer requirements of food packaging design, who have a comprehensive Quality Management System in place in order for packaging designs to meet the requirements of the BSI 9001:2015 standard.

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The Result

Our customer was extremely pleased with the branding & packaging design of Proats, which are now for sale!

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