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Packaging design for Mr Tubs for their range of standard, promotional and gifting items.

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Mr Tubs Packaging

Mr Tubs’ flavoured scratchings and crackling were originally available in three formats: resealable tubs, foil fresh bags or bulk bag loose serve. Since the brand has developed they have increased their range to include a range of gift boxes including a combination of tubs and beer and the Big Flavour Box which features a selection of bags for the customer.

The Project

Mr Tubs’ flavoured pork scratchings and crackling first became available in six resealable tubs with the original flavours of Good Old Traditional, Zingy Salt & Vinegar, BBQ, Spicy Madras, Thai Sweet Chilli and Teasingly Hot Chilli with Now Group involved in the design process for the labels from the very beginning.

Working closely with Mr Tubs we created some eye catching designs that would grab potential customers’ attention.

Since then the brand has evolved at a rapid pace, the product range has grown into different areas to reflect this and satisfy a wider audience. This includes both regular customers and the trade / wholesale, with the product range growing to include foil fresh bags and jars.

With a brand in place it was a case of using the existing content and adapting it for the new product packaging and keeping a bit of consistency throughout the products. This was achieved through a consistent colour palette for each flavour, fonts and layouts.

As Mr Tubs continues to grow we continue to work closely with them on their packaging with recent projects including a range of gifting presentation carry cases and the Big Flavour Box, with Christmas gift sets soon to hit the design room.

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(below photos by Karen HB Photography)

Packaging Designing Mr Tubs
Packaging Design Photoshoot Mr Tubs
Design Packaging Photoshoot
Packaging Design Services Mr Tubs
Mr Tubs Front Tub Label Packaging Design
Gift Set Packaging Design Mr Tubs Photoshoot
Tub Gift Set Design Packaging
Cider Tubs Gift Set Packaging Design Set Up
Mock Up Packaging Mr Tubs Concept Design
Variety Box Packaging Design
The Result

A strong brand identity created for Mr Tubs with the flexibility to be adapted for a range of products and gifting opportunities!

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