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Staircase Wall Mural & Office Signage for BluestoneX Consulting

A staggered wall mural climbing the wooden staircase of BluestoneX Constulting’s modern office space, accompanied with internal and external signage.

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Wall Graphics and Wall Murals are a great way of brightening up dull rooms, corridors and even staircases! Your walls are blank canvases, so why not use them to inspire and motivate your staff? Whether you’re thinking of adding in motivational graphics to boost moral, brightening up the boardroom or wanting to inspire with scenic murals in the hallways – there is no limit to how your space can be transformed!

The Project

Having worked with Now Group on various occasions over the past few years, Dan approached us to help him out with his latest idea: a printed wall graphic for his office’s staircase. The stunning illustrations of local architectures were skilfully drawn up by BluestoneX Consulting’s team, to which Now Group supplied and installed the staggered wall mural which was printed onto a luxurious, high quality satin laminated vinyl.

Along with the printed wall mural, we also supplied and installed an exterior branded building sign, along with an internal office sign. The combination of the two (internal and external) signs and the printed wall mural all represent the BluestoneX brand perfectly, and are all in-keeping with their existing branding and colour scheme. All items compliment the interior design of the office space, and have brightened up the previous plain white walls.

Bluestonex Office Branding Enhancing With Print
Printed Bluestonex Office Branding Wall Mural
Wall Mural Bluestonex Office Branding
Bluestonex Office Branding Finish Wall Graphics
Bluestonex Office Branding Wall graphics
Bluestonex Office Branding Application wall mural
Bluestonex Office Wall Mural Branding shropshire
Bluestonex Office Stairway Wall Mural
Bluestonex Office Branding Stair Print
Bluestonex Office Branding Wall Mural
Bluestonex Office Branding Sign
Bluestonex Office Branding Sign Close Up
Bluestonex Office Branding Stairway Sign
Bluestonex Office Branding Outdoor Sign
Bluestonex Office Stairway Branding Mural
The Result

BluestoneX now have a beautiful wall mural in pride of place for all staff and visitors to admire!


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