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Ted Baker Vintage Caravan

Vintage caravan graphics for Ted Baker’s Ted And Toast Tour.

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Tea and Toast with Ted

The Ted and Toast Tour’s (Or, Tea and Toast with Ted Tour!) complimentary, tea and toast serving, vintage caravan proved a great success whilst travelling around the UK on the 3-day tour. The converted food and drinks kiosk parked itself up at Oxford Brookes University (14th May), the University of Birmingham (15th May), and the University of Manchester (16th May), serving students with tea and toast ‘a plenty!

The Project

Working closely once again with Classic French Vans, we converted this vintage style caravan unit into a mobile promotional campaign for Seed Marketing’s client, Ted Baker for their Tea and Toast Tour. Branded using vibrant printed vinyls, wrap media and cut vinyl detailing, this caravan has been transformed beyond recognition! We especially love the integrated LED lightbox shelving which has been decorated with typically British knick-knacks.

Once finished with the branded graphics, the vehicle left Now Groups workshop to start its 3 day tour – heading to Universities in Oxford, Birmingham, and ending it’s tour in Manchester! Students were called to pick up a complimentary cuppa and a slice of toast with Ted.

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Vintage Caravan Conversion - Promotional Vehicle Conversion Hire
Ted Baker Promo Caravan Ted and Toast Tour
Ted and Toast Tour at John Henry Brooked Building
Ted Baker London Vinyl Graphics for Caravan Conversion
Progress Shot of Vintage Caravan Conversion for Ted Baker
Ted Baker Caravan Conversion for Promotional Tour
Caravan Conversion with Printed Wrap for Ted Baker
Printed Caravan Wrap for Ted Baker Tour
Printed Vinyl Application for Ted Baker
Vintage Caravan Wrap for Ted Baker Ted and Toast Tour
The Result

Many happy students received their free tea and toast from the fully branded vintage caravan.

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