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Wall Murals Office Rebranding for IPP Pooling

Office Wall Murals for IPP Pooling’s new ‘Rebrand’ launch

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Wall Graphics and Wall Murals are an excellent way of brightening up bland walls and dull-looking office spaces. Every wall is a blank canvas, and utilising this space to include wall murals and imagery can turn them into inspiring and motivating spaces for staff and visitors to gaze upon – there is no limit to how your space can be transformed! Read more about this particular office branding project below..

The Project

IPP Pooling reached out to Now Group in the hopes of sprucing up their building with some vibrant and branded wall murals. Phase 1 consisted of 3 main spaces: the reception, the canteen, and the board room. The aim was to turn around an office ‘revamp’ the day after they announce their new company rebranding. They wanted their staff members to return to the premises on Monday morning to a stand-out entrance, quirky canteen and vibrant board room.

The project began with templating each of the spaces, making 2D renders of the areas, and adding in imagery and graphics as a starting point. Using IPP brand guidelines at all times, the spaces were signed off and ready to head to production in time for the new rebrand launch. Our team headed down to Coventry for a weekend install, to ensure our clients’ goals of shocking their staff members with a ‘new look’ entrance was achieved! Their entrance reception is now wrapped with a vibrant and calming photograph mural of forestry, combined with IPP branded graphics. The canteen now has a colourful photograph mural expanded over 4 panels, of healthy fruit and vegetables, and the meeting room now shows off their new brand slogan; care, dare deliver, combined with their brand colours and relevant imagery.

All in all the clients were very happy with how the project is progressing and are excited for Phase 2!

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The Result

“Just wanted to say a massive thanks for pulling off the wall wraps at the weekend everybody has said how great they look and the management team were really impressed.”

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