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Workplace Branding Solutions

Office branding is a great way to liven up any workspace, boosting employees’ moral and work ethos. Branding up your work space with printed office wall murals, internal business signage and even branded floor graphics makes a more inviting and fun place to work, modernising and brightening every environment. There are many solutions available for transforming your reception, meeting rooms, board rooms and main office space. We can help with all aspects of your project, from the design, print, manufacture and installation.

Why renovate your office space?

At Now Group we completed many office renovation projects – from simple additions of branded door signs, to printed wall murals and indoor logo signage. We understand that an inviting and welcoming office environment puts your employees, staff, visitors and clients at ease, whilst emphasising a feel of professionalism and brand awareness.

Printed Office Wall Murals

Office Branding Printed Wall Mural

Printed Office Wall Murals are a great way to brighten up any work space. Custom printed and cut to fit any space, Now Group have transformed all types of walls into creative, inspirational murals! Explore Wall Graphics Solutions

Interior Office Signs

Office Branding Interior Sign

Interior Office Signs are a great way to add some branding to your work place using a variety of styles and materials – a cost-effective method of marketing your brand, whilst adding decor to your office! Explore our Signage Solutions

Window Glass Manifestations

Office Branding Window Etch

Frosted vinyl on windows can be used to create an etched effect that provides privacy, decorative features such as borders or to reinforce branding. Read more about our other types of window graphics and decals.

Reception Branding

Office Branding Reception Graphics

First impressions count! Your reception area is the first thing your customers see when they enter your office, make a lasting impression with a branded reception desk and surrounding with your company logo and colours.

Meeting Room Branding

Office Branding - Office Wall Prints - Printed Wall Mural in Office

Your meeting room should be where new ideas and solutions flow with ease. Brand up your meeting space with motivational quotes and wall murals, encouraging creative thoughts and boosting moods.

Board Room Branding

Printed Office Boardroom Wall Print

Banish the traditional board room decor of white walls and bland furnishings, with bright and punchy graphics applied to your walls, floors and desks! A modern and creative approach to board  room branding.

Way-finding Office Signage

Office Branding Wayfinding Signage

Way-finding, navigational or directional signs and graphics are extremely useful, in large offices especially, to direct both visitors and staff to wherever they need to go.

Office Floor Graphics

Printed Floor Stickers - Liverpools Famous Grotto

Office Floor Graphics are printed (or plain) large vinyls / small stickers with a non-slip quality finish which can be applied to solid office floors (non-carpeted flooring).

Lift Graphics

Lift Graphics inside Office - Branded Elevators

Lift doors are stared upon for extended periods of time while waiting for them to open.. why not take the opportunity to turn them into a branded advertising spot?

Glass Window Graphics

Glass Window Graphics are a great way of adding simple branded graphics, or larger privacy enhancing frosted vinyl to meeting room and board room windows.

Digital Office Screens

Office Branding Digital Screen

Digital screens within offices and meeting rooms are great for presenting up to date information in meetings, along with easy navigation and important announcements.

LED Office Signs

Branded LED office signs - Light up sign in office

LED Office signage, when fitted both internally and externally, can make a huge (positive!) impact in a branded space – adding that little bit extra that’s missing.

Printed Retail Wrap

Productivity Boosting Solutions

It’s been proven that a creative office environment increases productivity and employee well-being, which no doubt results in higher quality work. I’m sure everybody would much rather work in a workplace that stimulates the mind and increases imagination – somewhere that you can let your mind flow where you look forward to coming in to every day. Furthermore, a branded office delivers brand consistency, and improves how your customers perceive your brand.

A Branded Office Space

Now Group will work with you through every step of the process of rebranding your office space. From what imagery, typography and design to use, to finishing touches, the addition of your company logo, to way-finding signage and custom printed wall murals. We have also seen an increase in architectural surface refurbishment recently, which includes wooden, stone, marble and much more textured wall and surface coverings.

Office Branding Printed Window Glass Manifestations

Some of the companies and brands we have produced work for:


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