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Branded Promotional Vehicles

Promotional Vehicles are fast becoming a necessity in today’s fast-growing commercial marketplace. A branded promo vehicle is a great way of getting your brand and your products noticed, and have become popular with experiential marketing campaigns. We have worked with many clients from a wide range of industries to provide bespoke, stand out solutions; from custom built promo vehicles, to branded camper vans, promotional caravans and promo bus wraps.

Are you in need of a bespoke promotional vehicle for your upcoming sampling tour or marketing campaign? Whether it be a one off promotion, or a long term campaign, we can help source and convert your perfect promo vehicle to suit your campaign.

Promo Vehicles for Experiential Marketing Tours & Sampling Campaigns

What is Experiential Marketing? Experiential Marketing is a ‘personal’ marketing strategy used by companies to encourage customer engagement by sampling new products and services. Designed to make a lasting impression from real-life experiences, experiential marketing focuses on encouraging the customer to engage with the brand. Sampling vehicles are a necessity with experiential marketing campaigns, where brands can turn up to events in their eye-catching, branded promo vehicle, and attract the attention of consumers by handing out free samples of their product. These sample vehicles can be anything from a promo camper van, to a custom built kiosk, a vintage style branded caravan, or a classic Promotional HY Van conversion.

Custom Built Promo Vehicles

Custom Promo Vehicles

Promo Caravan Branding

Custom Promo Vehicles

Promo Vehicle Conversions

Custom Promo Vehicles

Sampling Tour Vehicles

Custom Promo Vehicles

Promotional Bus Wrap

Custom Promo Vehicles

Promotional Caravan Hire

Ted Baker Caravan Conversion for Promotional Tour

Custom Promo Vehicles

Promo Vehicle Graphics

Vangollen Music Festival Event Graphics - Printed vehicle wrap

Custom Promo Vehicles

Promo HY Vans

Just Eat HY Van Catering Conversion

Custom Promo Vehicles

Promotional Catering Truck

Tuk Truk HY Van Catering Conversion

Custom Promo Vehicles

Promo Camper Vans

Custom Promo Vehicles

UK Promo Vehicles

Custom Promo Vehicles

Promotional Vehicle Wraps

Osfest music festival - event graphics - vehicle wrap

Custom Promo Vehicles

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How long do these graphics last for?

If choosing a permanent vinyl solution, the adhesive is designed to stick to surfaces for many years. However, if required, the prints can be removed if necessary. Removing the prints, stickers or decals will not leave any leftover residue and look just how it did before it was there. Alternatively, if choosing a more temporary solution, such as static cling, they can be taken off with ease, and reused if stored carefully.

Marketing Tour Management & Logistics

Not only can we design, source and supply our clients with their very own branded promotional vehicle, we can also take care of the marketing tour management, tour drivers and logistics. Our bespoke promo vehicles have toured the nation, and we have exported to The Middle East, Australia, the USA, Scandinavia, Germany and France!

Promo Vehicle Design & Installation

Now Group offer both a ‘supply only’ as well as a ‘supply and installation’ service for all of our graphic solutions – where we can install your very own bespoke window decals, prints or etch both indoors and outdoor – we’ve applied graphics to enough windows to know the ups and downs, ins and outs! Now Group have fitted hundreds of metres of printed graphics, vinyl cut lettering and frosted etch over the years, applying them to the windows of restaurants, cafes, business premises, shops and all types of vehicles, across Oswestry and beyond.

Window Graphics Installation and Fitting by Now Group

Some of the companies and brands we have produced work for:


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