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Vintage caravans are becoming ever more popular for marketing and promotional campaigns. Companies are enjoying taking their products and services on nationwide tours to major cities to promote themselves.

Promo Sampling Campaigns

A recent promo sampling campaign that Now Group have completed is for Daniel Wellington. They commissioned a bespoke, vintage caravan to promote and launch a new product. We converted a caravan to a high quality finish, to match the quality of their products, to effectively promote and display the product. The caravan was fully wrapped with a branded, stylish design.

Ted Baker Caravan Conversion for Promotional Tour
Progress Shot of Vintage Caravan Conversion for Ted Baker
Printed Caravan Wrap for Ted Baker Tour
Vintage Caravan Wrap for Ted Baker Ted and Toast Tour
Caravan Conversion with Printed Wrap for Ted Baker
Ted Baker Promo Caravan Ted and Toast Tour

Branded Promotional Caravan

With our extensive knowledge and experience within the wide format printing and vehicle graphic applications industry, our design and manufacture temas put their skills together to work alongside promotional marketing agencies to transform promotional units such as this vintage style caravan (available for hire) into vibrant, eye-catching promotional canvases; perfect for promo sampling campaigns, product launch tours and general catering purposes.

Promotional Caravan Wraps

Another project that we have recently completed is the Ted Baker, ‘Ted & Toast Tour’. The 3 day tour travelled to major universities across the country, advertising their brand; giving out free tea and toast. The caravan was fully wrapped, branded and was given a full fabrication service to add box shelves on the interior back wall. These also benefited from having LED lights installed and decorated; which gave it even more of an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Promo & Marketing

Catering Vehicles

Sampling Campaigns

Some of the companies and brands we have produced work for:


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