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Creative Wall Murals & Graphics

Wall graphics and murals are a great way to brighten and modernise any space of any size! From ceiling to floor printed wraps, to 3D cut lettering, to cut vinyl wall decals, an office, meeting space, reception or any other type of environment can be truly transformed into an inviting creative space. Wall wraps and graphics are especially popular in modern offices, and have proven to boost moral and employees work ethic! Explore some of the many types of graphics available below!

Who can benefit from Wall Graphics?

Everybody from employees and customers within an office space, to shoppers in a supermarket, or patients and visitors at health centres can benefit from wall prints and graphics. The possibilities and applications are endless, and the effect they have on people within these environments are greatly beneficial. Check out the different environments and applications below:

Office Reception Branding

School Hall Graphics

Gymnasium Wall Prints

Sports Centre Wall Murals

Museum Wall Murals

Meeting Room Graphics

Supermarket Wall Prints

Hallways and Corridor Prints

Office Wall Wraps

School Canteen Wall Mural

Waiting Area Murals

Hotel Reception Murals

Hotel Room Prints

Restaurant Wall Mural

Coffee Shop Wall Prints

Printed Wall Wraps

Printed Wall Wrap Office

A printed wall wrap can add a burst of colour and creativity to your office, reception or hallway wall – with full colour printed photography or even simpler block colour graphics – there are solutions to compliment any space.

3D Wall Signage

3D Flat Cut Lettering wall signage can add that little something extra to your space, creating depth and intensifying the overall look of the graphic – usually added to smaller walls with simpler designs.

Branded Wall Decals

Office Branding Printed Wall Mural

Make it BIG with a giant decal of your company logo! A branded space that reflects your image and key messages is sure to give a sense of pride to anyone within the workplace, which is key to a successful working environment.

Vinyl Lettering Wall Decals

Cut Vinyl Wall Decals and Lettering are a simpler, but still effective, method of transforming a dull, bland wall, into a branded, creative space.

Hallway Wall Murals

Are your hallways dull and dreary? Add a bit of brightness with some bold and colourful, printed wall graphics, boosting the mood of passers by.

Interior Wall Signage

Interior wall signage within any environment is a modern and creative form of adding a bit of branding to your everyday space.

Boardroom Wall Prints

Wall prints and murals can be used to brighten up a clinical white boardroom and turn it into a cheerful and positive environment, boosting creativity for those important brainstorms!

Motivational Wall Prints

Vinyl Wall Decals

We all need that extra push sometimes! Motivational wall murals are a great addition to gymnasiums, office spaces, classrooms and any environment in need of a boost – perfect for stimulating and lightening the mood.

Educational Wall Murals

Information Graphics Educational Wall Print

Many schools and colleges are now moving into the realms of printed wall murals within classrooms, hallways and canteens, as they are an effective and creative method of educating students and staff.

Wall Murals for Schools

Wall murals in the classrooms, cafeterias, sports halls and hallways of schools, nurseries and colleges can be used to educate, stimulate learning and inspire the next generation.

Wall Prints for Hospitals

Wall prints within hospitals and health centres have been proven to lift spirits and create a comfortable, calming environment for patients, visitors and staff members.

Retail Wall Wraps

Printed Wall Graphics in Retail Store

Retail environments can greatly benefit from printed wall wraps – add them to window displays, product displays, behind checkout points and general shop surroundings.

Office Wall Graphics

Vibrant Office Wall Wrap

Office wall murals are a great way to brighten up any work space. Custom printed and cut to fit any space, Now Group have transformed all types of walls into creative, inspirational wraps!

Canteen Wall Wraps

Liven up your eating space with some printed canteen wall murals! Perfect for schools, leisure centres, gyms and hospitals, our printed wall murals and graphics can rejuvenate your space.

Sports Centre Wall Murals

Sports Wall Print at Sports Centre

Invest in some motivational wall wraps to inspire and boost the energy of the visitors of your sports centre, whether this be typographical wall quotes, or printed imagery murals.

Wall Graphics for Restaurants

Restaurant Wall Mural

Adding some wall wraps to a restaurant or fast food environment can reinforce themes and branding, whilst also eliminating the need for other decorative items!

Hotel Wall Prints

Wall Print in Hotel Room - Hotel Wall Graphics

Hotel room wall murals and wraps can help make your hotel as memorable as any destination, adding style, sophistication and theme throughout multiple rooms.

Wall Murals for Museums

History Wall Print - Museum Wall Graphics

Wall wraps are a great way of displaying history and information within any environment, Museum Wall Designs are a creative and unique, cost-effective solution!

Printed Leisure Centre Murals

Leisure Centre Wall Print - Colourful Wall Mural Printing

Leisure centre and sports centre wall murals are a great method of encouraging visitors, staff and sports enthusiasts while at the same time adding branded graphics to any dull and bland space.

Colourful Wall Wraps

Bright Printed Wall Wrap

Bold and colourful wall prints can liven up any office or workplace, increasing well being and boosting the mood of every onlooker! Perfect for adding some colour and some well-needed creativity!

Shopping Centre Wall Wraps

Shopping Centre Christmas Grotto Wall Wrap

Walls can easily act as a giant advertisement for upcoming shop openings, restaurants and promotions! Shopping centre wall wraps are seen by thousands, so why look passed this great opportunity?

Inspirational Wall Wraps

It’s been proven… creative office environment = increased productivity and happier employees! This no doubt results in higher quality and efficient work. We believe that everybody would much rather work in a creative, colourful workplace environment that stimulates the mind and increases imagination – somewhere that you can truly let your mind flow free, where you look forward working every day. Branded wall wraps deliver brand consistency, and improves how your customers perceive your business.

Design, Print & Installation

Now Group offer both a ‘supply only’ as well as a ‘supply and installation’ service for all of our graphic solutions, including walls! We can install your very own bespoke wall prints, murals, wraps and decals. Now Group will take care of the design, the more complex print setup, along with the installation to your chosen wall, or walls. We have fitted hundreds of metres of printed graphics, over the years, applying them to walls of all sizes, at hospitals, offices, business premises, shops and many more.

Wall Graphics Installation

Some of the companies and brands we have produced work for:


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