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How much does a WordPress website cost?

In this article we are assuming you are researching the cost of a typical Self Hosted* WordPress website for a business or organisation, and that you are considering commissioning a WordPress Agency to do the job for you.

The first and most important point to make is that WordPress is a FREE open source CMS. You can download the latest version fromWordPress.org and install it on the server of your choice. Here you will also find a wealth of resources and support to help you install and develop your own site.

Given that all businesses and organisations have their own unique requirements, we can also assume every site will have a unique cost. This is true as with many tailor made services, so to help you anticipate the cost of a WordPress website, we have illustrated the the main areas of consideration, with examples of typical costs.


Although hosting fees can start from as low as £1 per month, we have found you get what you pay for. If reliability, security and support are high on your list of priorities, we recommend using a ‘Managed WordPress Hosting’ company. Our preferred supplier is wp-engine.

£300 / pa

Design & Development

By far the biggest unknown. Most good agencies will calculate your design & development costs based on an estimated number of hours. Hourly fees range of course, and can be different for design and coding. We use a set fee of £60 /ph for all our services.

£60 / hr

Maintenance & Support

If your website is the primary source of marketing, you’ll want to look after it. A maintenance contract offers piece of mind and someone to turn to for updates and security issues. We offer a 25% discount on all maintenance contracts over 20 hours.

£45 / pa


For a professionally designed and developed WordPress website with Managed WordPress Hosting, you should budget £300 hosting per year + £2000 (25 Hours minimum) design and build. Add £1200 Maintenance (20 Hours Optional) if you would like ongoing support.

Projects do vary in size and complexity, so be realistic about your estimated  build time. Ecommerce sites, for example, require at least 40 – 50 hours. We hope this offers some guidance on expected costs. For a detailed estimate please contact us.

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